We offer a few different attachment methods which allow you to live your life as normal, being able to sleep, shower, play sports etc. whilst wearing your hair piece. They are undetectable to both sight and touch and are very comfortable.


A custom hair piece can be attached using a method called micropointing. This involves taking very small sections of hair and knotting them to a thread that runs around the base of the hair piece. The knots are then secured in place with an adhesive and this will last for approximately 6 weeks. The client will then come back to see us and have the piece removed, hair trimmed and then the hair piece will be reattached.

The gentleman in the photos suffers from scarring alopecia and has been coming to us for many years.

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Micro Beading

Similar to Micropointing but beads are used to attach the hair to the piece rather than knots. This method lasts approximately 6 weeks and then the client will come back to see us and the beads will be removed and the hair piece reattached.

Double Sided Tape Attachment

We advise to change the tape on the hair piece daily.

Clip Attachment

We advise to remove the hair piece for sleeping and reattach the following morning.